Ed's Potsticker Impromptu Chowhound Dinner


       Corn Cake     Cumin Lamb

Fried Tilapia  Garlic Eggplant aka Fish Fragrant Eggplant  

  Jelly Starch Noodle     Pork Belly w/glass noodle

Potsticker    Smoked pork with scallion pancakes

Mixed Seafood Soup with pickled vegetable, frozen tofu and pork belly.

Soup Dumplings   Spinach stir-fried with garlic   Tofu Noodle

    Sweet and Sour Pork   Ran (Pronounced ron) Yu aka Brenda (Owner)



Soup Dumplings Garlic Eggplant Ed's Potstickers Smoked pork w/scallion pancakes

Pork Beijing Style (Shredded pork w/garlic sauce)

Szechwan tendon   Northern Style Pancake


Mike G w/straw filled with bubble tea tapioca     Ran